OK Handels-GmbH - HVAC Maritime since 1994

OK Handels-GmbH

As an engineering office based in the north of Germany we offer innovative HVAC solutions for customized requirements for the shipbuilding and offshore industry. AC-units designed and delivered by us, are in use on more than 300 vessels and offshore structures, worldwide.

Planning & sale of AC-Units for shipbuilding and offshore

Consulting, engineering & construction and sale of
new air conditioning units and replacement devices

Complete new units &
single components

ACUs, FCUs, RCUs (since 1994, produced by WEGER)

Substitute devices &
equipment for exchange

New delivery of equivalent substitute devices of all types and makes (identically in construction and capacity)

For shipbuilding

Ferries, tall ships, cruise liners, yachts, cargo vessels
of all kinds such as, container ships, tenders, research
vessels, ice-breakers, naval vessels and so on.

And Offshore

Various offshore structures

Engineering services

Air conditioning, ventilation and heating to use on ships and offshore structures are our profession for about 20 years now. We ensure intelligent solutions for both: whole new designs and units or equipment replacements for existing systems. Our German and international customers benefit from an extensive service. Shipyards, ship owner and maritime companies trust in our competence and expert knowledge.

That’s what you can expect

Engineering expertise and innovation

Established consulting, comprehensive service

Implementation of Air conditioning with its specific requirements

From mechanical and electrical engineering, physic, thermodynamic

Determination of materials and components

Constructive device concept

For example: flat, arranged above the other, hanging, vertical position and so on

Air conditioning units

When it comes to air conditioning with all kinds of application in the maritime sector, also with demanding requirements, we are your competent partner.

Air conditioning for maritime application

Complete AC-Units

Filtering, heating, cooling, drying, humidifying and ventilation of air – the demands on AC-units for maritime applications are high and they must often face a variety of requirements. We design and supply air conditioning units for shipbuilding and offshore structures according to the different specifications and needs.

Single components & equipment

For single components for AC-units we design and deliver for example filter chambers, boiler chambers, pre-/reheater with housing, ventilation units, heat-exchanger sections, recirculation units, exhaust units, sound hoods and other more.

Spare parts

We supply complete units for replacement – according to the required parameters, considering the necessary dimensions. Furthermore we supply single compontents such as housing parts, panels, flaps, filters of all classifications, heat exchanger (pre-/reheater, cooling coils, recuperators) fans, motors, V-belt drives, parts for humidifying chambers and so on.


We would be glad to offer you with our know how.
We are looking forward to hear from you.

OK Handels-GmbH

Lindenstraße 2b
19067 Dobin am See OT Flessenow


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OK Handels-GmbH
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